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I Feel Sexist When I Listen To Beyoncé

I Feel Sexist When I Listen To Beyoncé I’ve spent a week with Beyoncé’s new self-titled album, and after sufficiently gushing over her groundbreaking release strategy I’ve finally come to the same conclusion as literally everybody else who’s listened to it: … Continue reading

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Beyoncé Dropped A New Self-Titled Album Out Of Thin Air Tonight. Here’s Why That’s Amazing

If you’re not on a social media site like Twitter right now, there’s a pretty decent chance that you have no idea that Beyoncé has released her new self-titled album tonight. She put a full 67 minutes of music (with … Continue reading

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Why Music Reviews Matter To Me

Without exception, I read somewhere between three and fifteen music reviews every day. That figure sounds like a lot when I read it back, but it’s more natural for me to read someone’s lukewarm thoughts about the new Lady Gaga … Continue reading

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First Impressions: Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

The sk8r girl gives her music career another shot, and the results sound kind of familiar. Is it possible for Avril Lavigne to be relevant in pop music anymore? It’s an interesting question because it implicitly asks what made her … Continue reading

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