About the Context Blues

They never stop.

I’m writing this on a Tuesday night, from my queen-size bed in my one-bedroom apartment in the middle of Philadelphia. Outside my window, I can hear taxi cabs racing people off to their next bar, their latest love, their new favorite song. It seems like the world is in an uproar sometimes, climbing over itself to reach an undefined vantage point. I’m no stranger to it, either. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily flurry of podcasts, @replies, Buzzfeed lists, tweets—impressions in the snow that never make a clear picture. It can become white noise, a neurotic clamor for the new that often causes me to put what’s special on mute.

This blog is my attempt to slow things down, to turn over some of life’s pleasures and pain in my hands and feel the grooves.

In a way, I’m sure this site will be no more or less self-indulgent than any other blog. I’ll write about what I’m feeling and listening to, post links to pieces I find interesting, ramble on about topics that most readers find esoteric or flat-out boring. I’m human, after all.

But maybe here I can choose to rise above my worst impulses, the ones that cause me to move on after leaving a snarky comment for comment’s sake. Maybe in this one place on the entire Internet I can practice my writing and my thinking, start something I can be proud of in a week or a month or a year.

Because the context blues never stop, but sometimes we can hit pause.


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