Don’t Think About It Too Much

Life In The Real World, Day 217: Don’t Think About It Too Much

Earlier tonight, I found out that the job I quit back in October laid off every single copywriter and editor in their web and magazine departments, outsourcing their jobs and ripping up their contracts. Just like that, another floor full of people is out there looking for jobs with the rest of the word.

Obviously I had a wave of reactions rising up at pretty much the same time: relief that I made the “right” decision, sympathy for friends who had the rug ripped out from under them, anger that a company could (and would) do that, resignation that it’s just the way the world works, gratitude that I took an uncertain step and it worked out for the moment.

I heard once in dire times, when you need a sign, that’s when they appear. I made a bad mistake at work last week that I honestly thought might cost me my job. When my CEO called me into his office this afternoon, I was nervous that they had taken the weekend to weigh their options and that they were going to fire me. (If certain things that I can’t talk about had taken place, they would have been completely justified too.)

As it turns out, that’s not what was going on. He wanted to talk to me about what happened and tell me to move on because he figured I was down. This is a guy who’s traveling around the country every week, making a lot of moving parts work with hundred million dollar brands, taking five minutes to figure out how to improve office communication. You hear about open door policies, and then you realize how blessed you actually are. I made a meaningful contribution to an end of day meeting and the world keeps doing that whole “spinning” routine.

Writing about yourself is inherently selfish. This blog is my experiences, filtered through whatever writing abilities I’ve picked up since misspelling ‘balloon’ on a 3rd grade spelling test. I don’t write with morals in mind, and tend to frown on them in general. With that said, here are some things I believe:

There’s no grand plan.

Calvinists would be better off reading Bill Waterson. As nice as it is to draw lines between different points in life, we’re still connecting dots instead of sketching an arc.

The moment I stop having fun with it, I’ll be done with it.

The world shifts every day. There’s a difference between being patient and waiting for a bad situation to get better.

I just want something real.

I believe that the best thing I can do with my life is find a way to share myself with other people. I’m not talking about status updates, I’m talking about giving away pieces—your hopes, your fears, your dreams—because people’s experiences are a lot more alike than different. It’s why I’m okay talking about real problems in a space where some readers probably just want a song recommendation (this live version of Drake’s “Too Much”, by the way). “I think I’m going to cry” is a better way to get something things off your chest than “Man, I had a crappy day.” Other people feel the same way, and it feels a hell of a lot better to hear that you’re not alone in the world.

So I’m pretty sure my job isn’t going to be outsourced to the UK anytime soon, but in case my text messages (or blog posts) don’t resonate, I’ll just say it here: even if it does, it’s going to be alright. Speeding tickets aren’t car crashes and sleepless nights make it easier to rest the next day. Don’t think about it too much.

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