Updated The Blog

As you might be able to tell, I’ve been making a few changes to how the blog looks and feels. I’ve updated the theme and font a little bit, but there’s still a few changes I want to make for everything to be more user and content-friendly:

I realize that I ramble on from time to time, and I don’t want that to distract from whatever the blog post is supposed to be about. (I guess it all goes back to wanting to be understood, like I’m trying to make my meaning more clear by using more words, but…oh, I’m doing it again. Sorry.) Adding a footnotes plugin is first on my list, but I don’t actually know how to do it. Definitely something to get help with.

2) Easier Navigation
Right now, you can click on links under the “Categories” section on the side to narrow down posts to what you want to see. There’s also a pretty handy search bar, so you can easily find every post where I mentioned Beyoncé. But I want it to be even easier, especially when you’re looking for recommendations. I’m setting up another page in the headline where all of my Recommended Tracks/Videos/Reads will be cultivated.

3) Remove Negative Space
My least favorite thing in every post is this. ->
It’s the space that occurs after posting a picture
at the beginning of a post. It really looks sloppy
(especially with vertical photos), and I’m looking
for a way to center the headline images without
them being overwhelming.

1a) More Articles/Better Content
The first few months of this blog have been really great for figuring out what it’s supposed to be: part portfolio, part recommendation machine, part ranting and raving, stirred into a brainy mixture with a dash of humor and poetry thrown in. I hope to keep it up in 2014, with more articles that you CAN’T find anywhere else on the Internet. Thanks for the thousands of views from 2013, looking forward to the future!

xoxo Matt | Context Blues

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