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6 Rap Lyrics That Offer Great Advice For Your Startup

It’s been a tough few months for Rap Genius, the lyric interpretation website that invites users to annotate their favorite rap songs with their own explanations. In October 2013, Rap Genius was one of 50 sites targeted by the National … Continue reading

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Poem: “Sue’s New Son”

SUE’S NEW SON So, Tobias Messina, you exist. Congratulations! I had to copy and paste your name from your mom’s Facebook status because I wasn’t sure what she goes by now. We play wireless Boggle every day and it still … Continue reading

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Most Underrated Records of 2013

Preface: I was going back and forth this year about writing an End Of The Year list. Most music sites make a list of their favorite albums, but the thing that always strikes me about them is they’re all essentially the … Continue reading

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Recommended Track: “Elephant” by Jason Isbell

If I told you that Jason Isbell’s “Elephant” is the greatest song ever written about dying of cancer, would you listen to it? That’s okay. I probably wouldn’t either. A lot of people don’t like to be sad when they … Continue reading

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Updated The Blog

As you might be able to tell, I’ve been making a few changes to how the blog looks and feels. I’ve updated the theme and font a little bit, but there’s still a few changes I want to make for … Continue reading

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Recommended Read: ‘Drinking With Strangers’ by Butch Walker

I don’t read as much as I used to as a kid, but one of my goals (not resolutions…goals) for this new year is to get back into reading more often. I just finished one of my Christmas presents—Butch Walker’s autobiography, Drinking … Continue reading

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Clear Eyes, Full Hearts: Life After LASIK Surgery

I can see. I don’t have glasses or contacts on, and I can see. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to open this post, which I’m writing exactly twelve hours after getting LASIK surgery. I … Continue reading

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