Selections From 11:37: “Thankful”

For my senior honors thesis at Penn, I wrote two poems a day for six months. It was called Selections from 11:37. Basically, every morning and every evening, at exactly 11:37, I stopped whatever I was doing and gave myself fifteen minutes to write a poem. (You can purchase my collection here or click preview to read more about the project.) Only about 70 poems made it into my final thesis, so I have literally hundreds of poems that have never seen the light of day. Here’s one of them.

cornucopia art john nolan

THANKFUL                                                         (Morning 11/23/12)

I am thankful for open spaces, books, old photographs, music, couches, oranges, glass Coke bottles, running, comedy, love, sailboats, mirrors, video games, Neil Young, driving fast with the windows down, love, clubs, women, Frisbee, beach volleyball, rollercoasters, swimming, television, guitars, Henry Winkler, plastic surgery, Italian food, warmth, combs, Will Ferrell movies, my family, drinking games, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, laptops, Karma, chocolate, dreams, candles, breasts, sex, cars, fresh cut lawns, mountaintops, Microsoft Word, poetry, ice cream, snow, socks, spirit, soldiers in foreign lands, health, leather jackets, fitted caps, grandfather clocks, wood, canoes, wreaths, sweatpants, time, walks, ripples on the water.


P.S. Here’s another link to my poetry collection.

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