Selections From 11:37: “How It Ends”

For my senior honors thesis at Penn, I wrote two poems a day for six months. It was called Selections from 11:37. Basically, every morning and every evening, at exactly 11:37, I stopped whatever I was doing and gave myself fifteen minutes to write a poem. (You can purchase my collection here or click preview to read more about the project.) Only about 70 poems made it into my final thesis, so I have literally hundreds of poems that have never seen the light of day. Here’s one of them.


HOW IT ENDS                                                    (Morning 11/5/12)

A coroner crawls around on the corner
Picking flower stems from broken glass and catching

A cold.  She scatters them in the parking lot across
From the sandwich shop, and the manager gives her

A smile.  He gathers their exquisite corpses up
For the oven, wrapping them in dough and dirt to make

A loaf.  She walks inside, coughs, and waits for the scrap
To cool, ordering a vegetarian and watching

A maggot pick at its fresh chow.


P.S. Here’s another link to my poetry collection.

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